Sudoku Solver

Enter the squares you know into the blank sudoku grid, and hit "solve" - The sudoku solver will solve the entire puzzle!

Perhaps you don't want to be a total sudoku cheat, in which case you can get a quick hint for an additional square you don't know yet.

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This Sudoku Solver takes the data from the your Sudoku puzzle and figures out what the rest of the puzzle should be. If your Sudoku puzzle is too hard, or you just need a hint, this is the sudoku solver to use!

Use this puzzle solver to get a single hint on a sudoku puzzle that is too hard for you - use it to get just enough of a hint to not be a sudoku cheat!

As well as our online Sudoku puzzles We also have Free Sudoku puzzles. Of course, all of this is Sudoku for free! The easy sudoku puzzles are good to hone your skill, or for kids.


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